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Sitting On

Sitting on a prayer, waiting on Sunday Hoping when people hear my troubles, that help will come my way. Sitting on a toilet, waiting on Monday Hoping my problems will be flushed away, and good things will come my way. … Continue reading

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Walking and Driving

Q&A: How much time do you spend commuting? About 20 minutes each way, which equates to roughly 12 hours a month. I average 17.5 minutes on each walk with Sparky, at least once a day will be nine hours in … Continue reading

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YouTube Inspiration

For whatever reason, Caleb and I Googled the Top 100 YouTube Channels and found we have watched or subscribed to 5 of the Top 10. I scrolled down some and clicked on charlieissocoollike – number 43 and watched his video Don’t … Continue reading

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Spot the Difference


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Dream Bits

I’m sure everyone dreams, even though Caleb swears he doesn’t because he doesn’t remember them. Just because you don’t remember something doesn’t mean you didn’t do it, but we have yet to post dreams to YouTube. I dream all the time, … Continue reading

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