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Through Antelope Country

I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to wake up with the sun as living in San Diego feels like being in the bed of a giant who sleeps in till 10 or 11am each day and leaves its large gray … Continue reading

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A Mountain Road Detour

We work in shifts between loading the car, watching the sunrise, eating breakfast, and grabbing some food from the hotel lobby before stopping to air the tires on our way out of town towards Placerville. The temperature has dropped to … Continue reading

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Scads of S-Words


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The Ride Home

Sleep eventually comes. Caleb gets up at 6:00 am when the hotel alarm, that he set, goes off. I wait in the comfort of the sheets until 6:30 when mine goes off. Caleb has the bags repacked and in the … Continue reading

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My Hike Up Iron Mountain


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