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Coffee, Cars, and Claus

I’m sure each time someone drops the soap there is an interesting story behind it — here’s mine. About two months ago I bought Caleb some cold shower cooling soap cubes to get rid of sweat after a hot day … Continue reading

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Tea, Taxi, Top

I got to catch my second mini-roach critter and release it outside in hopes that the birds would eat him, but I think the bird parents murdered their eggs by throwing them on the ground and leaving three puddles of … Continue reading

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Hawaii and Headlights 

Caleb enjoyed the morning to himself and woke me eventually. I’m usually the one raring to go. I ask if he’s going to grab his four beers, but someone pilfered three, so he’s leaving the last one. We stop at … Continue reading

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Not Falling in Dubai, but Floating in Umm al-Quwain

I set the alarm for 4:45am and I’m up with the energy of a child, packing up and drinking coffee – that somehow took 30 minutes. I parked under the awning and walked to Skydive Dubai to check in at 5:30, and they … Continue reading

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When I See a Sun Rise

This morning came too early, but I wasn’t going to let being tired get in the way of our vacation. I showered and heard Caleb moving around when I opened the door to let the steam out. We left the … Continue reading

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