Dream Bits


I’m sure everyone dreams, even though Caleb swears he doesn’t because he doesn’t remember them. Just because you don’t remember something doesn’t mean you didn’t do it, but we have yet to post dreams to YouTube. I dream all the time, but when I awaken I feel like I have just recovered from a movie collage; there is happy, fear, and weird all mixed.

I love being able to write parts of my dream that I think may make sense later. There is a mix of past, present, and future in my dreams. Sometimes I recognize people and places. Sometimes things are vague and others very descriptive and colorful. Here are a few things that I dream about:

The last one I came to was an old wooden plank tunnel.

We all run after it and I hear something squeaking.

Come to think of it, the reason I was in a hurry to go in the first place was because I couldn’t decide what to wear.

I didn’t want the water to get cold.

I had to write an English paper and I did it while stuck in a hotel somewhere with a 6-pack of beer.

As I am peeling her decrepit hand off …

I jog to keep up and get a break when we stop at the street light in the woods.

Sea bears can swim in the sea.

I step outside and a bunch of horses run by.

… and we go for a bike ride.

I laugh.

We continue driving until we get to a bend in the road with an old cafe-looking building on the left.

… the clouds coming together formed a gigantic heart …

… but I began to imagine the most starry night sky …

It was a song about hair.

… I can throw this one.

I turned corners where there were no doors until now. It was thick and heavy with no peephole, a little string doorbell, and chipped paint where many had knocked before.

… covered in years of dust and cobwebs.

I had messed up pigtails and sunglasses on.

I saw the beautiful sunlight and Caleb standing there peacefully waiting for me.

… and he was telling me about March of  ’89.

A million things are going through my mind as the march continues.

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2 Responses to Dream Bits

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  2. Caleb Aldridge says:

    Your dreams are crazy. I like them.


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