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Household Goods

It took three guys an hour to unpack 47 items (front bike wheel removed for easier transport counts as one) and nothing was broken but we seem to have misplaced the connector cable for our dive watch to the computer. … Continue reading

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S’mores and More

After hearing about my night at Bennigan’s, Caleb wanted to go and try his luck at finding the sandwich with a pretzel bun — which is no longer on the menu. We had an early dinner around 4:30 as the … Continue reading

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Princess is Here

The same weekend I meet S’mores was when the Bahrain Marathon Relay was happening and Princess happened to be on a team visiting from Saudi to get some exercise, but not before hanging out with me. We met at Bennigan’s … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of December

First: I woke up to Sparky and his four cold feet. He danced in the hall and asked, “walk me?” We walked three times down the same ol street. I went to the gym where I did not swim, but … Continue reading

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Delayed a Day, but Not an Adventure

I slept till noon and then showered – typical pre-trip planning. Usually I would be busy with my computer making sure the itinerary is more definitive, but I’m still dealing with grief (that’s another post) and it’s easier when I’m … Continue reading

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