My Blog Stats

Roy Lichtenstein’s “Sunrise,” 1965

Top 5 views by country since Feb. 2012
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Russian Federation
5. Republic of Korea

Top 5 posts of all time
1. A Night at the MOPA
2. Hello Kitty, Happy Birthday
3. Bleach, Boxes, and Bread
4. Southern Women’s Show – Jacksonville
5. Newly Updated Unknown Current Noobness

Top 5 search terms
1. knezetic
2. hello kitty centerpieces
3. riverport brewing
4. thejessicaness
5. lichtenstein costume

Top 5 favorite search terms
1. chocolate unconventional advertisement
2. star wars hospital
3. toys in da hood burrito wagon
4. caves of steel troposphere
5. wet black shiny stuff on tree trunk

Top 5 topics this week
1. food
2. people
3. travel
4. events
5. marriage

Top 5 most commented on posts
1. Oh the Places We’ll Go: When I Get my Bicycle Back
2. A BEEautiful Day
3. A Picture is Worth…
4. A Beachy Birthday
5. Putting our Kicks on Route 66

And a side note for those interested:
Beware the 15 likes on your post when your stats say that it only got 2 views. Perhaps WordPress should change the ease of access to the like and reblog buttons. I probably shouldn’t mind, but I take time out of my day to explore these new people and find a common interest. Really I am upping their stats dramatically when they can’t bother to add a view to mine. I’ve probably found some great blogs this way that I now follow, but I’m hoping those people were more considerate.

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3 Responses to My Blog Stats

  1. Elli Agars says:

    The star wars hospital!! Great!!


  2. Your guess is as good as mine, but I will be looking into it!


  3. breezyk says:

    Haha I want a toys in da hood burrito wagon!! Where do I find such a glorious item??


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