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In Chance

Q&A a Day: Are you seeking contentment or excitement? I’m content with where I am, as I’m in the process of learning and growing every day in the: gym, classroom, car, kitchen, playground, and sidewalk as I set more goals … Continue reading

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To Forget or Not, Tis the Question

Q&A a Day: What do you want to forget? Times when people were mean to me, but to remember the lessons learned from the situations. I forget enough that I want to work on increasing my memory or remain busy … Continue reading

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Yoga Personal Practice Project

Q&A a Day: Can people change? Yes, but it’s a matter of replacing habits. I was assigned a 21-day challenge to practice two yoga poses and to set two short-term and long-term goals and keep track of my progress. I … Continue reading

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Hello America

I’ve been gone for 25 months and already back for three weeks. Bahrain was more and less of what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the educated, employed, and well-traveled people there. I want to be more like them. … Continue reading

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The Most Unsurprising Surprise

The moment some wait for and others dread – another year. I read another post about how one guy will not make resolutions for the year on just one day, but he will continue to make each day better than … Continue reading

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