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Surprise Birthday Lunch

I had plans for lunch with just Eloise and Carole, or so I thought. Eloise picked me up in her car at 11:45 and we picked up a new wife, Lindy, on base and drove to Lilou’s where Amy was … Continue reading

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How People Eat Pizza

We stayed at the house, so Caleb and Piggy could sleep in, and had leftover pizza and hobnobs for breakfast to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary. In that time, I’ve done a lot. I could do a recollection post, but I’m … Continue reading

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When In Phoenix

Woke at 6:30 and walked the dogs while Dad made Caroline oatmeal. We accompanied her in the car to work, then went to open the office for Brinn and Dani who were waiting in the parking lot. We went to breakfast at … Continue reading

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How Did I Bring In the New Year?

I started out the day with some blogging and knitting. I’m working on a pair of orange socks with a design on them. Caleb continued to work on the pants he is knitting for me and then gave the dogs … Continue reading

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My Version of Caleb’s Message in a Bottle

I love the way you take charge Lurking in the engine room, in the dark Overpowering me for our first kiss Vehemently taking my breath Every moment of each day since You have a beauty that can’t be met Overtures … Continue reading

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