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The Coming of the Third Reconstruction

The Reconstruction Era, from 1865 to 1877, laid the foundations through political, economical, and societal struggles of what our society still contends with today. History comes with positive and negative aspects despite the perspective of the viewer and here is … Continue reading

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America as an Empire

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” said Jimi Hendrix, an influential rock guitarist, in the mid-twentieth century.5 The world is far from realizing this utopia as children still fight over owner … Continue reading

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Sociological Homework

SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON SOCIETY As seen in “Eye of the Storm,” it only takes one person with a dominant character to control a room of people. Jane Elliott goes on to prove her theory, using Hitler’s methods, … Continue reading

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Hostel in Hilo

I fought myself this morning between sleeping in and jumping out of bed. I was still under the covers 45 minutes later. We collected our things, grabbed a snack with juice from the hotel buffet, and went to the dive … Continue reading

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Wedding Weekend

Caleb took me to lunch as our last meal together before four days apart. I ate half my rice at noon and prepared for the haboob at 4:15. I only had to endure the high winds for ten minutes before … Continue reading

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