For most bloggers, they have the ability to think critically, write obsessively, post pictures compulsively, and to blog about their present lives, current jobs, new babies, and ex-lives. This blog is just a glimpse into the building blocks of my life.

I am Jessica. I am a student. I am a traveler. I am a wife. I am a dog owner. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a vegetarian. I am a gardener. I am a reader. I am a photographer. I am a bicyclist. I am a chef. I am a friend. I am a teacher. I am a human. I am a volunteer. I am a donor. I am a knitter. I am a writer. I am these things and more and in no particular order. This blog is my way of sharing with the world a piece of mine.

email: jessica.not.wise@hotmail.com

9 Responses to About

  1. It was about four months before I was back in shoes. I stuck to single leg exercises that I could do safely and anything upperbody that didn’t require balance on both feet, but not knowing your medical history I would suggest you speak with someone who does and that can recommend an exercise program for you. I found with the muscle atrophy that it hurt to put weight on my shin for a while too. Good luck with your recovery and if you can do therapy, I would suggest it 🙂


  2. Edouard says:

    Nice blog i love it.m 🙂 I broke my big toe same type of fracturethan you, how long it took to heal? What kind if exercise i can do?


  3. Lois LaPlant says:

    I totally love the way you share your life with us. Since your life is taking you global, your blog makes it easier for the rest of us to stay connected. You are an extension of your mother in every way so now I won’t have to miss her as much. 💗 U


  4. I’m glad you love it. You’re an inspiration too. I hope you are able to continue traveling as well. Thank you for visiting, and for reading, and commenting!


  5. Jonas says:

    Dude, you travelled so much lately – that is just incredible. I start loving your blog and all of your pictures are just amazing. You’re putting so much effort in all this and all your blogposts are extremely interesting. Thanks for inspiring me and other people with that website. !!
    Keep on doing what your doing and keep on sharing your travel experiences ! –

    Cheers and Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario!


  6. Thank you so much my dear friend for following All About Lemon and staying with me up to this time 🙂 I highly appreciate this. And as a token of my gratitude please accept my gift for you here: http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/07/08/you-are-loved-day/
    Just because You Are Loved!
    Dolly xoxo


  7. babso2you says:

    I too am many of these things! Thank you for the like on my blog!


  8. Favorite comment award goes to…you! Thanks for making my day (each time I read this) and for having an amazing ability yourself to put words together.


  9. You are nothing and everything you just are…….awesome.


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