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Haiku Happenings

Q&A: Write a haiku about your day. Morning errands ran Helped husband prepare dinner Sparky toy turtle Arrive to Hawking school to drop off Heart Hero bracelets to three students Delivered thank you card to Children’s Primary Dental in Chula … Continue reading

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Art in Dreams

Q&A a Day: Which art movement best describes you today? Surrealist automatism; at least that’s what I’m going to write about instead of how I spent my day with a few hours of lost productivity; mostly sweating, shopping for food, … Continue reading

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Who Sings Carols?

Who sings carols? Not I, said the baker. I bring the bread. Not I, said the knitter. I bring the knickers. Not I, said the traveler. I bring the tales. Not I, said the landlord. I bring the lights. It … Continue reading

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Who’s That Guy?

He’s the professor who talks about salamanders in Kinesiology. He’s the old man who kindly asks about my foot in the gym. He’s the husband that will agree to go for burgers, every time. He’s the boss who’s constantly learning … Continue reading

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What is Grief?

Grief is waking up in tears at the thought of another day without her and thinking about the last car accident when you were with her. Grief is sobbing in public and trying to catch the snot with your short … Continue reading

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