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Days Before Eid-Fitr

Blurry Eyed But still I wake. I told Dad I was signing the lease today and checked our bank account to see that we still haven’t been paid. Working out so early in the morning doesn’t seem so bad as … Continue reading

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A Blank Stare Into Another Day

I’m getting terrible at taking notes on days that feel the same – eat, blog, read, workout, shower, walk and feed dogs, watch TV, eat, talk with Caleb, sleep. I dropped Caleb off and had breakfast in a room full of Germans, … Continue reading

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I had the alarm set for 5:15, woke up and reset it to give me another hour of sleep that I quickly took. I was in the middle of a dream when the alarm went off again. I covered the … Continue reading

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Running Late

Caleb woke me at 6:15 and I dropped him off, walked the dogs, and went to breakfast to get some coffee. I will take care of paperwork after getting a shower, possibly waiting for the houseboys to clean, and waiting until … Continue reading

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Tired Morning

or… A Day Without Photographic Proof I felt so tired, and utterly exhausted, driving Caleb to work, to toil his life away, this morning. My alarm went screaming and screeching off the nightstand at 5:15, but I was back in … Continue reading

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