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For whatever reason, Caleb and I Googled the Top 100 YouTube Channels and found we have watched or subscribed to 5 of the Top 10. I scrolled down some and clicked on charlieissocoollike – number 43 and watched his video Don’t Break the Chain. He told me about a small calendar goal sheet he made and he puts an X on every day that he works on his goals. This inspired me to do a similar project. I have a rough draft now, but am really enjoying the idea.

Instead of just putting X’s I want to keep track of some things and see how my time devoted helps me progress – pages read, tutorials watched, rows knitted. His idea also says to commit 30 minutes to each goal a day that will add up over time. I have certain activities – cycling, that may take longer, but this concept is great for those days when you feel like getting lost on social media, staring at the TV, or feel too busy with work and kids. This is a way to see your days in a different way.

You can add things that you want to learn to do – another language, play guitar – for that rock star in all of us; things you have to do – dishes, laundry; and other things you think of – planning a family trip to Disney World, talking to family your mom on the phone, or sitting in the garage with dirty hands tinkering on a project or putting away your gardening tools. I’ve tried to-do lists and those work for shopping and errand reminders, but I thank Charlie for giving me a clear way to watch my time and make the most of it.

This idea can work with kids too. It can teach them more responsibility and time management. Maybe you don’t have to do everything on the list everyday, but you will be able to see what you are taking away from by doing something else. You can share this list with friends and it can make your schedule easier if someone has yoga on Tuesdays and another parent wants to golf on Thursdays. I follow some parent blogs and know a lot of parents and I know they all want more time for themselves.

This calendar goal is another way to help do that. You want 30 minutes in the garden – let them play outside, work beside you, or make it a fun lesson in science. You want to read for 30 minutes – do it while the kids do homework, clean their room, or take a nap. I think my post is starting to sound like a sales pitch, but this idea is cheap – and I’m not selling it – free ideas here. Piece of laminated paper – to save trees, and a marker and you are on your way to getting more out of your day. What do you plan on making time for?

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