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Who To Be, Tis the Question

Q&A a Day: Who do you want to be? everyone, but especially myself. The girl: in the striped skirt staring at the super blue blood moon. in the sauna, meditating in the dark, when her morning alarm goes off. in … Continue reading

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The Day of Birthday Celebration for Angel

I didn’t get out of bed until five minutes to 6am. It felt great. We’re on our way to the ship when Caleb gets a call from Douglas. He’s still at his hotel and needs the duty driver to come … Continue reading

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How People Eat Pizza

We stayed at the house, so Caleb and Piggy could sleep in, and had leftover pizza and hobnobs for breakfast to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary. In that time, I’ve done a lot. I could do a recollection post, but I’m … Continue reading

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Clay Thursday

Jessi makes oatmeal for breakfast, walks Sammi to school, then rides her bike to work. Caleb and I eat while Lyra watches Sesame Street and then Caleb hangs our clothes on the line to dry. Jake gets the shop ready for … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say Eritrean Food?

The State of Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa, and just so happens to be across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia and Yemen – Middle East countries I hope to visit while Caleb is stationed on … Continue reading

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