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Our 50th State

Alaska and Hawaii seemed out of reach, but so did the other 47 states as I grew up in Florence, Texas. I used to wish for a Disney ending or the American dream, but I’ve gotten more than a pumpkin carriage … Continue reading

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Hello America

I’ve been gone for 25 months and already back for three weeks. Bahrain was more and less of what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the educated, employed, and well-traveled people there. I want to be more like them. … Continue reading

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First Couchsurfer in Bahrain

Katrin requested to stay at my place, giving me a week’s notice, as her host in Doha suggested she stay with Melanie, whom I know, but who didn’t want to be bothered just two days before her skiing trip in … Continue reading

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On the Winged Stallion to the Land of The Turks

I had a dual birthday party to attend – drink homemade wine, pose for flower-framed photos, write a message in their memory book, hold the baby, post a picture to Instagram, and eat two plates of food in prep for … Continue reading

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Drooling to Doha

I woke up in the middle of the night, which woke up Julie, but didn’t keep her from falling back asleep – and back to snoring. I picked up the blanket and moved to the couch with my alarm set … Continue reading

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