Happy Birthday Mom!

Besides a late night phone call the day before to make sure I’m the first to sing you happy birthday in another language I just wanted to give you a little something – a mini road trip!

at the San Diego Zoo

shooting a 20mm anti-aircraft gun onboard the USS Alabama

visiting the south rim of the Grand Canyon

hanging out with Oprah at Madame Tussauds in NYC

taking in the view at Monument Valley

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Caleb says:

    That is weird that she has the same coat as me in one of the pictures. She has good taste in coats.


  2. Frustrated and lonely says:

    Damn, your mom is holding up well for being so ancient. Wonder if we can get her current husband, old what’s his name, to step aside? As long as you didn’t do any Photoshopping, I’d tap that to give her the most awesome birthday gift she’d get today!


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