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Workout, Clockwork, Homework

Thursday, after the workshop, Building a Résumé, I got on the highway heading east. I stopped at 7:15pm to fill the car and empty myself. I thought the one-lane due to roadwork on Hwy 8 would slow me down, but … Continue reading

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Hello America

I’ve been gone for 25 months and already back for three weeks. Bahrain was more and less of what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the educated, employed, and well-traveled people there. I want to be more like them. … Continue reading

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A Day In the Heard

As told by Caleb. … Somewhere I had yet to see. We went to breakfast together and I ordered the protein waffle. From there we went our separate ways. Caroline and I got in the car and tried to leave … Continue reading

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A Day In the Office

We were going to wake early to give us more time to our day if we decided to drive to Mt. Lemon in Tucson or to an art event in Flagstaff. Neither happened when Dad almost went into work. Instead … Continue reading

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Dogs and No Postcards

I wake up to the sound of Dad and Caroline moving around but usually lay there waiting until they are done using the bathroom and fall back asleep. This morning I walked the dogs and then lay down again. They … Continue reading

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