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Feelings Friday

Q&A: Did you leave work on time? Yes, it’s easy to do when the boss lets you go (for a month) and leaves early the last two out of three weeks. I’m torn on this situation because I don’t know … Continue reading

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As Is The Custom

Q&A: What should remain as-is? To answer simply, nothing. Life is built on growth and change. It’s what separates the days and memories from blurring into one. I’m editing old posts and adding backdated ones and wonder if some should … Continue reading

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Breakfast Backyard

Q&A: Today you made: food, holes, weeds, and dirt disappear. I made Caleb happy by waking up when he returned with Sparky from their early morning walk in the fog since the dog didn’t want to sleep. Caleb chose the … Continue reading

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Goofy is Good

Q&A: What was the last goofy thing you did? A synonym for ridiculous in which I have participated in recently while in public with my husband. So there I was… blogging about the parsnips I bought earlier when my computer … Continue reading

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Till It’s Gone

I’ve heard it before. You don’t miss something till it’s gone. It’s not that I don’t miss my blog, but I feel that I have writer’s block. I look back on all the amazing things I wrote about and feel … Continue reading

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