Walking and Driving


Q&A: How much time do you spend commuting? About 20 minutes each way, which equates to roughly 12 hours a month. I average 17.5 minutes on each walk with Sparky, at least once a day will be nine hours in four weeks. It takes me about 8.5 minutes to run a mile and I do that for about 2.25 hours every 30 days. I consistently get eight hours of sleep a night or make up for it in naps, 248 hours. I get paid to work for 68 hours a month and put in another ten grading papers, doing data entry, and prepping for events, etc.

This leaves me 371 hours to shop for food, prep meals, and eat them; take hot showers and wash clothes in cold water; blog nightly; practice Spanish; read a book… and do what else as after that leaves about nine hours of free time a day and I’m signing up to take more classes next semester. I will remember this season when I am bogged down with what seems like an endless amount of homework and studying and that we are all given the same amount of time every day. It’s what we do with it that counts.

SmartSelect_20181015-122039_Kids Heart Challenge.jpg

Today’s free time was spent sleeping in (40 minutes), getting gas, cleaning the yard (40 minutes), eating avocado on cookies, stapling 200 fundraising packets for tomorrow, grading 47 exercise logs of three weeks for 7th graders, sending work emails, watching the neighbor’s kids at swim practice and dropping the girls to soccer practice (two hours), walking the dog with Caleb (18 minutes), packing cookies for National Boss (coworker and nice teacher) Day, and paying the credit card.

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