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Class Introductions

These are verbatim what my 36 classmates wrote for our Computer and Information Sciences course: Principles of Information Systems; an 8-week online class in a classroom. I removed last names and spaces between paragraphs with numbers. 1.Hi, my name is … Continue reading

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Delayed a Day, but Not an Adventure

I slept till noon and then showered – typical pre-trip planning. Usually I would be busy with my computer making sure the itinerary is more definitive, but I’m still dealing with grief (that’s another post) and it’s easier when I’m … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Ramadan

Ramadan was the hottest month in Islāmic history. It was a time of less food and water, so during their fasting it’s not just for starving or dehydration, it’s a time of contemplation and reflection, of spiritual growth, and commitment. It’s … Continue reading

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Reading In A Month

1. Breaking the Maya Code by Michael Coe I had previously read part of this book and was able to reread it. There were, and still are, a lot of people involved in the deciphering of the Mayan language via … Continue reading

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Summary of Books Read in 2013

How the Scots Invented the Modern World had me wanting more as I recognized certain names and events. I appreciate these hard-working people (a 12 year-old boy works 14-hour days then goes to night classes) being portrayed as more than a lung behind … Continue reading

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