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Who To Be, Tis the Question

Q&A a Day: Who do you want to be? everyone, but especially myself. The girl: in the striped skirt staring at the super blue blood moon. in the sauna, meditating in the dark, when her morning alarm goes off. in … Continue reading

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Sitting Here

I sit here in this black and gray swivel chair. The heater is on, with a noise my stomach makes when I feel hungry, but is also making a soothing blowing sound, like a giant trying to cool a bowl … Continue reading

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Not Arriving at the End

My mom was hoping I would visit for Thanksgiving and that I would stay a month or two, so was my sister-in-law, Jessi. They were both sad when I told them I would be spending the grateful day in Phoenix with … Continue reading

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Ms. Piggy

I am not some cartoon character; I’m part princess, part stealthy ninja. My history remains a mystery – to my new family. There I was one day, minding my own business, when some ‘helpful’ creature had me transferred to another … Continue reading

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