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The Sound of…

Q&A a Day: What are you obsessively listening to? The Sound of Silence and The Sound of Music; both answers and titles. I listen to the gym radio in the morning (unless I bring my headphones, which is rare), Duolingo (a … Continue reading

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Break Me Off

Q&A a Day: Do you need a break? From what? I’m on a break from school till Monday and off of my nine year employment hiatus. Pedaling along, over 100 rpm, and this is what I hear: the swoosh of … Continue reading

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Sitting Here

I sit here in this black and gray swivel chair. The heater is on, with a noise my stomach makes when I feel hungry, but is also making a soothing blowing sound, like a giant trying to cool a bowl … Continue reading

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What Sounds Do You Prefer?

I prefer birds singing over construction. I prefer crickets chirping over sirens screaming. I prefer the huff of my breath over the hum of my A/C. I prefer the rustling of leaves under my feet over pounding the pavement. I … Continue reading

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