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When In Phoenix

Woke at 6:30 and walked the dogs while Dad made Caroline oatmeal. We accompanied her in the car to work, then went to open the office for Brinn and Dani who were waiting in the parking lot. We went to breakfast at … Continue reading

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Why I Seem Unread to Some

It looks as if my last bookish review was almost two years ago. I was motivated to read all the moldy books I had rescued from my mom’s house, and all the books I had acquired while traveling, from friend … Continue reading

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Felting and Nalbinding

Just another day in the office…oh wait, the boss is back from her daughter’s wedding in India and has already opened the store this morning – on time. We talk about pictures, emotions, family, henna, food, and flights of her … Continue reading

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Spending Money and Bonding Time

Ever feel like you don’t get to spend enough time with a parent, or a certain someone, that you may be living with at the time that comes to visit you everyday for lunch? Ever feel like you have too … Continue reading

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A White Girl Working at Indo-Euro

I’ve procrastinated this post because of its crassness (not sure if that’s the right word, but it came to mind). I’ve worked 10 days by myself after 10 days of training – I know what I’m doing. I organized the shelves, … Continue reading

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