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Who Sings Carols?

Who sings carols? Not I, said the baker. I bring the bread. Not I, said the knitter. I bring the knickers. Not I, said the traveler. I bring the tales. Not I, said the landlord. I bring the lights. It … Continue reading

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Santa Season

  Our neighborhood had their lights, inflatables, and projectors up the day after Thanksgiving; one yard has been completely overtaken with decorations. Another trend though; three renters in the area have been evicted — one so the owner’s daughter could … Continue reading

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Hedgehog Pie

Caleb had readjusted the blankets before we laid down last night because Piggy is all about moving bedding across the floor to get it just right. And with us in the room Sparky was able to calm down and go to … Continue reading

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Tea, Beer, and Schnapps

Sherri and Leroy may have gone to bed ‘late’, but they don’t let that stop them from their usual productive early morning rise. This gives them time to spend with each other, petting the dogs, in the shower, and eating … Continue reading

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Not Arriving at the End

My mom was hoping I would visit for Thanksgiving and that I would stay a month or two, so was my sister-in-law, Jessi. They were both sad when I told them I would be spending the grateful day in Phoenix with … Continue reading

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