Who To Be, Tis the Question

Q&A a Day: Who do you want to be? everyone, but especially myself.


The girl:
in the striped skirt staring at the super blue blood moon.

in the sauna, meditating in the dark, when her morning alarm goes off.

in the gym listening to music on the elliptical and watching the news.

in the store pushing the cart while her husband fills it with veggies.

who shares a banana-coffee w/brownie ice cream with her husband.

who paddle boards all afternoon, because it’s low tide on her day off.

who eats a quinoa burger for dinner, with fries instead of salad.

I want to be the person who listens, understands, and cares; who doesn’t judge, but helps people realize who they are and to accept and love all that they may be; and take every chance to learn and expand the possibilities of my mind. I want to make the most of my time, however I choose to define it, and help others to do the same.


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