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Piggy Princess Permanent Palace

Eight and a half years or 101 months ago, to be more exact, can be considered the blink of an eye or a long time, a lifetime for some. We (Caleb, Sparky, and I) had moved to Florida and settled … Continue reading

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Q&A a Day: What makes “you” you? This seems like such a loaded question. I’m the girl with the loud laugh; the one who cuts herself with any blade larger than a paring knife; I’ll try to think before I … Continue reading

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A New Day, A New Year

New Year’s Eve will come and go, but the year will take its time, as it does every year, as the Earth makes its way around the sun, and as the planets travel towards their destiny in space and time. … Continue reading

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How Did I Bring In the New Year?

I started out the day with some blogging and knitting. I’m working on a pair of orange socks with a design on them. Caleb continued to work on the pants he is knitting for me and then gave the dogs … Continue reading

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