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Q&A a Day: Are you holding a grudge? About? Nope. I cut my pinky knuckle on the playground and then bent my nail so hard to give myself a blood blister on the same finger. I thought I would be … Continue reading

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When In Phoenix

Woke at 6:30 and walked the dogs while Dad made Caroline oatmeal. We accompanied her in the car to work, then went to open the office for Brinn and Dani who were waiting in the parking lot. We went to breakfast at … Continue reading

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Meeting Jutta

I woke up early with a smile on my face. This trip was going so well and today I had the hopes of meeting Jutta, my grandmother-in-law from Germany. She’s Caroline’s mom and has come to the States for the … Continue reading

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A Day in Navajo and Sinagua History

Up before the sun with the monumental shadows looming in the distance calling us towards them. There are other roads that get you near the buttes and formations for free, but I think it’s worth the $5 this morning to get a … Continue reading

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