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Today Was…

Q&A a Day: Today was tough because… it wasn’t. I put two tennis shoes on this morning (12 weeks + 1 day since I broke my big toe). I enjoyed some time in the sauna, waited for my stationary bike buddy … Continue reading

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Wedding Weekend

Caleb took me to lunch as our last meal together before four days apart. I ate half my rice at noon and prepared for the haboob at 4:15. I only had to endure the high winds for ten minutes before … Continue reading

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My First Night in Istanbul

… and then I’m introduced to Mr. Çetinkaya, the partner of Topkapi Carpet by Koyuncu, and a man that I feel comfortable with – to drink tea, to have lunch, and to buy his carpets if I had the money. I can tell … Continue reading

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A New Day, A New Year

New Year’s Eve will come and go, but the year will take its time, as it does every year, as the Earth makes its way around the sun, and as the planets travel towards their destiny in space and time. … Continue reading

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Cultural Tour of Bahrain, Part 2

We pour our water and as soon as Ali says food I’m the first in line. I’m grateful for this only because I get the opportunity to take a picture of the design on the hummus before dipping the large … Continue reading

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