When In Phoenix

Phoenix flora

Phoenix flora

Woke at 6:30 and walked the dogs while Dad made Caroline oatmeal. We accompanied her in the car to work, then went to open the office for Brinn and Dani who were waiting in the parking lot. We went to breakfast at U.S. Egg, then went back to work so Joe could show us what roller coaster rides feel like while wearing an Oculus. Caleb had to sit down for fear he would fall over and experienced a different type of motion sickness – your eyes and brain comprehend one thing, but your body is sending another message.

We peeked over Brinn’s shoulder as we watched him make facades, then we looked through an expensive magazine, Robb Report, that advertises $40k to $200k watches and $286k cars. If we never traveled, or ate, again we could easily afford one of these at the end of our lifetimes. But for those lucky few who become billionaires in their twenties, or later in life, this is a great way for them to spend all those Benjamins and show off all the wealth they’ve earned, and fly into space, fund technology, and donate to charity.

supporting bros and their mustaches at Indo-Euro Foods

supporting bros and their moustaches at Indo-Euro Foods – by Caleb

After being there for two hours I started to bug my dad, while he talked business with Dani, so we could get out of the office and be less of a distraction to his employees. We went back to the house to walk the dogs, upload some more of his Yampa River trip to Flickr, then go to lunch around 2pm. We were going to eat at Gil’s but they were closed for a catering event. We went by Sonal’s, who I love visiting for her kindness, accent, and food.

Dad picked up some Hobnobs for the office and we drove across the street to Spinato’s Pizzeria for lunch. My dad has meant to bring me here for months and we finally get the chance and the furnishings have been redone. The place isn’t packed and the waiter is all ours, or so we pretend as we keep him in conversation – something about baklava and Saba’s and I’m transported mentally to a land of nuts, flames, and flaky goodness.

patiently waiting

patiently waiting – by Caleb

Dad ordered a caprese salad stack, to share (there’s never enough balsamic), and a meat pizza. We got a medium Greek salad pizza, a combination of two of Caleb’s favorite things. Dad tries it and rates it as one of his top five favorites and wants the wife to try it. Lucky for her there are leftovers, but for all of us at the table that ate a slice too many we’re wishing we would’ve saved more for later.

From there we split ways – Dad back to work and us to the house to get puppy paperwork in order, pay bills, and update the blog. We decide first to take a shower. With less smell on our bodies we should be more productive, but that’s not always the case. We end up driving to Banfield close to the house to get their paperwork reprinted with updated shots, then to the Banfield where their appointment will be Friday with the USDA certified vet.

We drove back to the house and are surprised by Caroline sitting at her desk at 6pm. Caleb scanned all the paperwork and emailed it. We waited for Dad to get home at 8:30 so that we could decide on Cheesecake Factory for dinner – lookout warm asparagus salad! We all ate too much and then we shared dessert – two slices and four people. The only fighting was getting someone to stop ourselves from taking that ‘last’ bite (that could’ve just been in my head). Back at the house we were up for another hour before going to bed to catch up on sleep that we lost the night before in the excitement of us showing up early to visit.

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