How People Eat Pizza

Caleb and Piggy sleeping

Caleb and Piggy sleeping

We stayed at the house, so Caleb and Piggy could sleep in, and had leftover pizza and hobnobs for breakfast to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary. In that time, I’ve done a lot. I could do a recollection post, but I’m focusing on what I’m going to fill this white space with for the next three years. And maybe a future post will hold a comparison of my writing from when I started until now, though I doubt there will be any difference in my ability to use the correct participle, or maintain a present or past pattern in one paragraph.

Dad took Caroline to work and then himself to the office. I worked on my May 10th post, and then we met Dad for lunch at 12:30. He drove us to Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar – a 20-tabled restaurant with ten seats at the bar on one of the many corners in Biltmore Fashion Park. I took a picture of the construction across the street and of the waitress’ face as it blurred in front of the photo I was trying to take of the place – the cows – the black and white animals on the wall, not the people chewing cud in their seats. 

construction in Scottsdale

construction in Scottsdale

Dad was telling me to take pictures of the fast and convenient service. I thought he might be referring to the food, but two girls walk in and one has offered me a view of half of her ass – literally, and she’s not the only one mistaken for wearing her underwear in public. I’m guessing where I’m going soon the food and sex aren’t so quick to be at your table. I’ve heard other countries have a more relaxed sense of pace, and religion in the Middle East demands a certain level of modesty, especially from Muslim women. 

All the employees wear red converse shoes, the girls wear large gray shirts with elastic in the middle, and the guys wear gray shirts and jeans. Most of the customers looked the same too – multi-blonde dyed hair, flip-flops with fancy straps, and an air of entitlement or purpose (like watching the Kardashians). We enjoyed our burgers – chile relleno for Dad, ahi for Caleb, and the veggie burger for me of course.

because everyone needs another burger photo in their life - you're welcome!

because everyone needs another burger photo in their life – you’re welcome!

Dad ordered the double truffle fries, Caleb the green chili fries, and me the salted caramel milkshake. The food was excellent, but yet again we had ordered too much and leftover fries are never as good. We left early when the conversation behind us got too ‘plastic’ – mirrored lifestyles from reality TV and other media. We thought the shopping plaza had hired parking lot prostitutes when a lady walked by wearing pasties and lace panties – and with a car full of married people all we did was stare, too shy to ask any questions related to work or fashion.

Back at the office and all the employees have coffees, so Caleb and I drive to the nearest Starbucks at 2:45pm to pick something up for the boss. Inside this café it’s quiet minus the hum of the espresso machine, the register, and the electrical currents flowing through plugged in laptops, phones, and tablets. There is one guy reading a newspaper, but the rest of the people are drones to the light coming from their screens. I felt like starting a one-person flash mob to see if anything would happen, but I grabbed the cup and left.

just a peek of what's to come

just a peek of what’s to come

We drop off the beverage and leave him to get some work done. Sparky is taking advantage of the sun coming through the window and on the bed and Piggy is passed out on the floor when we get back to the house. I’m able to publish May 10th after lots of editing but still have to go back and delete extra spaces between words and photos afterwards. Caroline gets home and we hang out until Dad gets home two hours later so we can go to dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

We ordered three small vegetarian pizzas and what started out as an ordinary dinner quickly led to an unforgettable experience. I started to play with my food – chewed some up and showed it to Caleb on my tongue, who was sitting across from me next to Caroline.  Dad was next to me and thought this was a great photo opportunity to try to take the piece of food out of my mouth. My reflex reaction sent a piece of pizza to the seat behind me.

this is how Caroline eats her pizza

this is how Caroline eats her pizza – snozza style!

I chewed up another piece then let it fall on my plate. Dad picked it up with his mouth and then I took it from there. Caleb was able to capture this all on video. I laughed and chewed it up, but if that wasn’t funny enough watching the video did the trick. I lost it seeing Dad trying to hide his laughter and his eyes from catching with ours and allowing the restaurant in on the sound of our laughter. I couldn’t contain myself and let the laughs go. We left with no room for dessert. As we chatted at home, Caleb began to get sleepy-eyed and Dad suggested sleep. It came easier than I thought it would.

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