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Learning About Dogs

Q&A: What new word have you learned? ploce; the repetition of a word or phrase for emphasis or an extension of meaning, but I use alliteration all the time and can’t think of the word when in conversation; so not … Continue reading

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Kiss and Tell

Q&A a Day: Did you kiss someone today? I did.

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What’s Outside?

Q&A a Day: Outside, the weather is… delightful. It was in the 50s F when I dropped Caleb off at the airport at 6:30am. The temperature hadn’t changed when I arrived to a closed gym at 7am, but it climbed … Continue reading

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Sad Stories

Q&A a Day: On a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? Why? 10 being the saddest, I’m a 1. Why, because I’m a month away from my anniversary and already celebrating. I got told today that my … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review

Q&A a Day: What was the last restaurant you went to? Wing Stop, Jan. 2, for garlic, Cajun, and mango-habanero boneless wings. Los Dos Toritos, Dec. 31, for a veggie burrito, The Mad Greek Cafe, for spanakopita and a strawberry … Continue reading

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