Learning About Dogs


holy wood

Q&A: What new word have you learned? ploce; the repetition of a word or phrase for emphasis or an extension of meaning, but I use alliteration all the time and can’t think of the word when in conversation; so not sure how learned it is.

We went shopping this morning so we could make breakfast — a sweet potato, a shallot, half a leek, half a beet, half a red and yellow bell pepper, half an inch of ginger, four veggie sausage patties, and two eggs with some fresh ground peppercorn.


helping dad with hinges

After that filling meal we went to the discount ticket store again (details about those when they happen) and I stopped by the Vitamix (perfect blend app) booth for some key lime ice cream, banana-spinach coffee, veggie soup, and a virgin margarita.

Caleb helped Ryan build a gate while I went with Fallon to walk her dog Zeus, shop for dinner, and make Christmas cookies (before Halloween). She burnt the first round of steaks and went back for more to go with the edamame and fried cauliflower rice.


from the heart and hunger of a seven year old

Fallon and I kept her friend John company and got to meet his friend Sam while I got to help give ideas for the menu of food and read a book about dogs. Then I read aloud the Dec. 23, 2003 post on Johnwise.com for a laugh down memory lane.


book cover


with illustrations




the end

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