Restaurant Review

Q&A a Day: What was the last restaurant you went to? Wing Stop, Jan. 2, for garlic, Cajun, and mango-habanero boneless wings.


Los Dos Toritos, Dec. 31, for a veggie burrito, The Mad Greek Cafe, for spanakopita and a strawberry milkshake.


Einstein Bros. Bagels, Dec. 26, for a veggies with egg on pumpernickel bagel.

Kanpai, Dec. 23, to introduce a friend to Japanese ramen, spicy.

The Big Kitchen, Dec. 21, for biscuits and rosemary gravy before work.

Burger Lounge, Dec 3, for a veggie burger and onion/fries to split with a salad.


Big Kahuna Burger, Nov. 29, for a volcano-style veggie patty on lettuce – add pineapple.

Blueberry Hill, Nov. 25, with friends, for eggs Benedict and biscuits & gravy to share.


Erick Schat’s Bakkery, Nov. 16, (and O Happy Bread, Dec. 31, if we’re counting bakeries and Panera Bread, Dec. 9, for a piece of French bread… and the loaf).

Pizza Port, Nov. 14, in Ocean Beach to cure Caleb’s craving.

Big Kahuna Burger, Nov. 7, for a volcano-style veggie patty on lettuce – add pineapple.


Captain Kirk’s Coffee, Oct. 26, with co-worker/supervisor for açaí bowl lunch.

Papa John’s, Oct. 19, for Mediterranean or Garden Veggie pizza.


Cilantro Mexican Grille, Oct. 15, for one big ass burrito.

Siam Imperial Thai and John’s Incredible Pizza, Oct. 1, to try a new place near the house and to accompany our friends to buffet and games (to win kid prizes).

Tender Greens, Sept. 11, for a box of salad and a cookie to share

Taco truck (technically not a restaurant) outside of Chula Vista Brewery, Sept. 5, for some pre-CPR class tacos.


BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Aug. 31, for Brussels sprouts and other stuff

TJ Oyster Bar, Aug. 24, to meet a friend for tacos.


I didn’t plan on going this far back, but it’s neat to see the trends; this is a semester of school. We cook most dinners and pack the leftovers for lunch and Caleb makes breakfast on the weekends. Most often, when we eat out of our house it’s because we are eating next door (especially me when Caleb is gone).

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