What’s Outside?

Q&A a Day: Outside, the weather is… delightful. It was in the 50s F when I dropped Caleb off at the airport at 6:30am. The temperature hadn’t changed when I arrived to a closed gym at 7am, but it climbed into the 80s for the afternoon.


Breakfast was a piñata apple with peanut butter; and lunch the farm collection from yesterday to consist of tomatoes, chard, a cubanelle pepper, broccoli, eggs, fava bean leaves, and Thai basil (with added pepper). I had a probiotic apple cider vinegar drink, turmeric-ginger flavored, throughout the afternoon. I was going to go paddle boarding and remembered that my car is in the shop as of yesterday.

I went outside after 2pm for some vitamin D and the neighbor’s kid wandered over and offered to trade me some yard work help for some time playing with his bubble guns. We didn’t shake on it, but he was enthusiastic and got his sisters to help us. So instead of just trimming around the walkway I was able to accomplish raking and weeding most of the front and side yard in an hour and a half; and ruined my pink gloves in the process.


Dinner would be a homemade white bean-lentil burger with some leftover tempeh-kale pasta and a mushroom coffee with two figs for dessert. Caleb will enjoy a less-than-a-mile walk to Wal-Mart in Mobile, Alabama for a turkey sandwich and some almonds for dinner. He got left behind for the beer and football party bus while he was showering.

Caleb got his much-wanted aisle seat for both flights and first-class leg room while he watched The Glass Castle, a film he’s been waiting to watch since its release after he read the book. It’s about 60 degrees now, in both states, but Caleb has rain to look forward to this week while my location shows nothing but a big round and bright sun.

What’s outside for you?

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