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Zero to Hero: Day One

Introduce yourself! Publish a “who I am and  why I’m here” post. When I started blogging in December 2011 my blog was a mixed bag, not that it still isn’t today, but I’ve found over the years that my blog … Continue reading

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The Number 12

There is a church that many follow, but that few understand. I think this relates like the guitar in the band. Even those that don’t believe in a man who walked on water blindly follow other sources of happiness, forgiveness, … Continue reading

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And I’ve Just Been Awarded…

…the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Aneesa. The rules are for me to share seven six random things about myself and then nominate other bloggers. 1. Attempting to think of things for this list makes me feel awkward . The … Continue reading

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My Mom wore Combat Boots

She also wore cowboy boots and flats while she was in the Army. One of her sisters wore shorts in the Navy, another tried the Air Force, and their Dad, my Grandpa, was in the Army. Her future husband wore … Continue reading

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Friday the Twenty-Six Divided by Two

To some, me, a holiday where others refuse to go to work due to more or less car accidents and more spilled salt. I’ve always liked this day and number because 1) it’s the weekend and 2) so many people … Continue reading

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