Friday the Twenty-Six Divided by Two

To some, me, a holiday where others refuse to go to work due to more or less car accidents and more spilled salt. I’ve always liked this day and number because 1) it’s the weekend and 2) so many people are scared of it; so much so that buildings and planes will skip the number 13 or rename it. A ride in the UK changed it’s Th13teen name temporarily to 14 for Friday the 13th. I would also have preferred that the movie in reference to the day had made only one or maybe a sequel but not tried to go for 13 versions of the same night.

The number 13 is popular in religious history, a fear for parents of the teenage years, and a fascinating mathematical prime number. Some other numbers for me today are: 858 blog views, 88 posts, 3 pages, 69 comments, 19 categories, 310 tags, and 20 followers. I think each number deserves its own amount of fun and 13 can be found in cards in a suit, in a baker’s dozen, the original American colonies, Apollo 13, and in many movies, music, sports, and the government.

My favorite meaning behind 13 is the making of the Gregorian Calendar. Most of the time there were only 12 full moons to deal with but at least every 14 months there would be an extra. This made it difficult to keep holidays in order until the leap year was invented. Within a century there will be about 37 years that have 13 full moons. I love that nature is so perfect, yet so inexact, as man tries to conquer chaos with numbers. May the peaceful hecticness continue to shine as bright as a full moon every night.

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2 Responses to Friday the Twenty-Six Divided by Two

  1. Caleb says:

    I love fridays too and 13 is my lucky number ever since my boy scout days when my toy race car won me a two dollar gift certificate for being the fastest car of the day.


  2. TheMikeyDunn says:

    I’ve always found Friday the 13th to be a lucky day for me in the past years… 🙂


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