And I’ve Just Been Awarded…

…the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Aneesa. The rules are for me to share seven six random things about myself and then nominate other bloggers.

1. Attempting to think of things for this list makes me feel awkward . The same feeling I get when confronted with an about me section – even though my blog is all about me…and the places and people I see.

2. My mom nicknamed me Messy Jessy when I was still putting yogurt in my hair and I live up to that name. I wear my food up to my elbows. I slurp soup, let gravity direct spaghetti into my mouth, and lick my dessert plate – in public, but I do try to be discreet.

3. I try to act embarrassed when getting called on my undies hanging out, but upon fixing the issue remember that I wore a cute pair today, and that’s ok!

4. Saw birds in my backyard and wanted a photo-shoot with them. Gave them a peanut butter birdseed pine cone – a reason to come back… and stay awhile, and now it is the Summer of the No Bird Sightings.

5. My fifth grade teacher knew President Clinton.

6. Was recently stuck in the middle of a which-do-you-prefer get-to-know-the-group game when asked whether I prefer beef or steak – I’m a vegetarian!

And my nominees are:

1. Mama Kat @ She loves her family, Ellen, and blogging and I love reading her blog trying to figure out which she loves more.

2. Natasha @ She is so crafty and loves parties, bunnies, and her cute little daughters. What’s not to like?

3. Anita @ We are both girls that love to travel, but she has traveled further and I love getting ideas from her.

4. Sarah @ She always has a positive outlook and gives me a new perspective on things. Every day is a good day to read her blog.

5. Doctor @ Just love his opinion on travel and people and trees. I took a road trip based on one of his posts. A must read.

6. James @ It’s nice to know what’s happening on the other side of the planet and this blog does it with educational, insightful short stories.

I could keep going, but six seems to be the lucky number today!


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1 Response to And I’ve Just Been Awarded…

  1. Caleb says:

    You are quite the inspiring person. It’s about time you won!


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