Zero to Hero: Day One

Introduce yourself! Publish a “who I am and  why I’m here” post.

Me on the back of Uncle Ed's Harley in May 2013

Me on the back of Uncle Ed’s Harley in May 2013

When I started blogging in December 2011 my blog was a mixed bag, not that it still isn’t today, but I’ve found over the years that my blog is more about traveling than anything else. This could be because I spent most of last year doing so and need to divide my time more equally amongst other activities that I enjoy like writing 175,600 words, driving over 19,000 miles, reading 25 books totaling 7,232 pages, and knitting my first pair of socks.

I bicycled all over San Diego, hiked to the mountain tops in San Diego County, opened my home to eleven couchsurfers from as far away as Europe and China, and went to two new countries with Caleb. We returned to Dry Tortugas, spent my birthday at Niagara Falls and I spent lots of time talking, eating, running, hiking, biking, and driving with family. My little brother came to visit and there are other family and friends I haven’t seen in one to four years or more that I will try to see before I move to Bahrain at the end of March.

I’m still all the things on my About Page. Some days I’m better at being those things and some months I leave them lacking my creative input. I have also realized over my blogging life that I love to make lists that are everlasting. As one thing gets crossed off I add three more. I like to think that I’m being productive and getting things accomplished. I know I am. Sometimes that takes a few minutes and other times it takes months or years. I hope my blog is something that lasts another 40 years and gets better with age.

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2 Responses to Zero to Hero: Day One

  1. And I’m looking forward to doing them and writing about it. Thanks for being my favorite commenter!


  2. Good luck Jess with your WP homework! I am looking forward to reading all your projects..


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