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Q&A a Day: What’s your favorite accessory? my phone. I use it as an alarm, check list, calendar, step counter, gym diary, dictionary, camera, language learner, hike planner, recipes, and converter among the many other apps I have.   I … Continue reading

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A Fine Fourth (of January)

Q&A a Day: The best part of today? Books! and other gifts. I went to the gym this morning and then found out my orthopedic appointment for this afternoon had been delayed for three weeks. I called the doctor and … Continue reading

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Cuyamaca Peak

We hiked Cuyamaca Peak. It’s been on my to-hike list for a while and written on my note wall for Caleb to see more recently. We grabbed the dogs and some pink lemonade and made the drive out, about an … Continue reading

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Gooseberry Goodness

I was helping Sonal clean out the freezer (with numb fingers) and rearrange the food in there so that me and the customers would be able to find things easier. We took breaks to run our fingers under hot water … Continue reading

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What Sounds Do You Prefer?

I prefer birds singing over construction. I prefer crickets chirping over sirens screaming. I prefer the huff of my breath over the hum of my A/C. I prefer the rustling of leaves under my feet over pounding the pavement. I … Continue reading

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