Q&A a Day: What’s your favorite accessory? my phone. I use it as an alarm, check list, calendar, step counter, gym diary, dictionary, camera, language learner, hike planner, recipes, and converter among the many other apps I have.


new music room

I volunteered my time this afternoon to help the teachers move their rooms around — desks, books, posters, and accessories. I had fun organizing the bookshelf and borrowed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl to read over the weekend.

I got paid in lunch — apple salad, Mediterranean veggie sandwiches, and French bread from Panera Bread along with some raspberry pastry (with white balsamic vinaigrette) and some apple fritter (that we cut and shared).

Caleb in my absence had built a new shelf and reorganized the house a bit. I cleaned when I got home and then raked the yard till Caleb got back from the gym. I looked over the kids’ workout-over-the-holidays assignment and they’re interesting.

fourth grade fitness

I brought home salad leftovers, we have salad ingredients in the fridge, and my neighbor brought over a salad she made us. We are having salad tonight, if and when I get hungry enough after my large lunch. I’m trying reishi-chocolate kombucha.

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