A Fine Fourth (of January)

Q&A a Day: The best part of today? Books! and other gifts.

I went to the gym this morning and then found out my orthopedic appointment for this afternoon had been delayed for three weeks. I called the doctor and was able to schedule an x-ray for next week so I can hopefully move into regular shoes, even though I’m just now able to wiggle my toes and bend my big toe a small percentage.


reviews coming soon

I swept the driveway and sidewalk of leaves and then showered when Caleb got home so I would be clean for his blood donation. He got a free shirt and snacks while I went to the bookstore in the same parking lot and only picked up half the books that I wanted and will read this year. I wanted to choose things out of my normal preference, but there was such a large non-fiction section, cook books from so many countries, and other books with comedic value. Caleb found a book too.


so cute… and biodegradable

Caleb subscribed us to Mighty Nest, a monthly box delivery of healthy products to green the home and school (15% off). Our first package was 3-pack wool dryer balls and this month was two Swedish dishcloths. In this spirit, we tried Mantry, a bi-monthly subscription box that arrived this afternoon with cookies and chocolate (not the type of man Caleb is), but I sure like it — and it’s manly to give your wife nice things.



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  1. I love Swedish dishcloths!


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