A Blank Stare Into Another Day

Caleb writing about the Heard Museum

Caleb writing about the Heard Museum

I’m getting terrible at taking notes on days that feel the same – eat, blog, read, workout, shower, walk and feed dogs, watch TV, eat, talk with Caleb, sleep. I dropped Caleb off and had breakfast in a room full of Germans, one I recognised from last week, after walking the dogs at 6:30am. I had three slices of rye toast, because the bread was soft, with a bowl of cereal that put me to sleep at 7:30. I woke at 12:30pm, fed the dogs, and showered.

Meanwhile, housekeeping tried coming by once while I was sleeping, again while I was occupied in the bathroom, and then while I was blogging. I will be happy to not have to deal with the constant interruptions when we have our own place, but my absence at the door isn’t enough. They need to see me say no before they will leave me alone for 24 hours.

I had another bowl of cereal for lunch and posted Caleb’s A Day In the Heard. I had chips and guacamole while watching Hearts of Atlantis, then read for a while (waiting for internet speed) before publishing June 8 – just five hours from waking up and starting the long haul to Bahrain. I can feel the anxiety and emotions all over again. I wish I could feel that more constantly – that’s why I like traveling so much. Caleb’s had another busy day. We’ve exchanged five text messages over the course of the day.

fittingly... *credit to themattwalshblog.com

fittingly… *credit to themattwalshblog.com

The dogs wouldn’t ask to go out again until 4:30pm and I gave them the last of their dry food when we got back. I will cook them some soft food in the morning before leaving (to buy more food among other things). I’m thinking breakfast, workout, pick up Caleb, then sign lease. I should bring the POA just in case.

I went back to reading Humboldt’s Cosmos. I wish I hadn’t had such a break in between, with moving to another continent and all. I’ve read 100 pages in the last two days and this man went on one exciting adventure, setting records and making breakthroughs in science in the 1800s. I’ll head to bed at 10:30pm, somewhat restless.

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1 Response to A Blank Stare Into Another Day

  1. Chester Hendrix says:

    Your problem with having fallen into a rut with your limited choices is easier to fix than you might think. I note you have 10 different items. All you need is a regular dice. Rearrange all the items on your list into six different arrangements. When you get up in the morning, roll the die, check which list the number selects and that will be your schedule for the day. Let the mayhem begin! 😉


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