Running Late

Caleb woke me at 6:15 and I dropped him off, walked the dogs, and went to breakfast to get some coffee. I will take care of paperwork after getting a shower, possibly waiting for the houseboys to clean, and waiting until the offices open. I debate the gym, even though I know how happy it makes me afterward. I need to finish cleaning my camel. 


I polish my camel and Caleb’s square. I upload resized photos to the blog giving me 14% of my space back. I still have another 15 posts to go, but published another one. I did a 20-minute workout (that took longer than that) and tried Spiderman pushups (bend arms and bring one knee up to the elbow, switch, and repeat). I did side pushups too.


I had pizza all day, some chocolate, and chips. I was reading and feeling sleepy so I watched TV for 30 minutes to help revive me and then got back on the computer. Sparky didn’t eat today. It will be nice when we can vary his food again. Dad went to see the last live show of Monty Python. He said it was bittersweet. 

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