Tired Morning

or… A Day Without Photographic Proof

I felt so tired, and utterly exhausted, driving Caleb to work, to toil his life away, this morning. My alarm went screaming and screeching off the nightstand at 5:15, but I was back in bed and under the covers of cotton and comfort by 6 am before the sun had a chance to burn the earth. Lucky me, I woke at 7:45 so that I could have steaming hot coffee with a small plate of fresh and juicy pineapple and watermelon. I would add a little muffin and a mango yogurt to my breakfast menu and sit down to chomp on all that healthy goodness while watching other families and groups eat too.

I grabbed the dog’s leashes when I got back to the room and strapped up my four-legged companions for a heated walk across the parking lot to the grass and trees on the other side that provide some reprieve in the shade. I published another post on here about something that I don’t remember now, made some random comments on Facebook to people who remain friends to me online, and tried to text Caleb to find out if he had melted on the boat yet. With no evidence that he has service on his cell phone, I will leave him a message via Facebook to ensure one gets delivered. 

Lunchtime, anywhere between 10 am and 2 pm, came for another day because the sun had not yet exploded and was still letting the Earth revolve around it. I chose this time to have some soft creamy Brie cheese, one of the few items in the tiny refrigerator, and crumbly oat-ey hobnobs to smoosh the dairy treat onto and shove into my mouth. That snack didn’t last long in my digestive system and caused my brain to tell me to eat an early dinner at the ridiculous time of 3 pm. For this meal, I chose the mighty Ramen noodles, the champion of foods for college-age students.

I decided to pour cream of asparagus soup all over the enriched wheat flour strings in my bowl to add needed nutrients, mostly fat soluble vitamins and fiber. I sat down on the couch to watch a movie with Tom Cruise as a Navy lawyer defending two marines following orders from their superiors, even if they knew they were breaking the law. Perhaps this makes me feel better about the life choices that I’ve made, but they were always in my best interest (or so my teenage brain thinks — even if I’m not in that age group anymore), even at the risk of hurting someone’s feelings.

At exactly seven o’clock, I had a peeled kiwi with the help of a spife (a plastic spoon and knife combo) and some random colored jelly beans. I walked the two dogs, Sparky and Piggy, to a nearby roundabout at half-past eight at night. I had fun watching the shiny fish make different shapes in the canal while the dogs just stared at the commotion in the water. I saw nicely decorated verandas for night-time use and some large boats that can only be used during the day. I stared at the glorious white moon reflecting on the smooth ocean and heard some loud kids near the wooden dock and short gazebos. 

I will return us to our air-conditioned domain and away from views and people’s offspring for some room temperature water, sweaty clothes removal for me, and lying on cold marble ice-cube like floors for all. Once our bodies are acclimated to the indoor environment again we can move about freely to brush our teeth, lick our butts (dogs only), and jump onto furniture that ensures contentment for the whole body throughout the night’s slumber at the Dragon Hotel & Resort in Amwaj Island, Kingdom of Bahrain.

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