Days Before Eid-Fitr

Blurry Eyed

But still I wake. I told Dad I was signing the lease today and checked our bank account to see that we still haven’t been paid. Working out so early in the morning doesn’t seem so bad as your body isn’t fully registering what’s going on.

I picked Caleb up at 9:30 and we went to PSD (personnel support dept.) where he was able to talk PSC (the chief) into putting our payment into the system while Caleb waited. I went by the gate to escort Mahesh (property manager) in through security. We walked to housing together and didn’t get checked-in to our appointment until 15 minutes past. We got called back, read through the lease quickly, asked some questions, signed everything, it all got stamped and copied, and we were good to go.

Caleb stayed behind to get a copy of the lease to send up his chain of command for advanced OHA (overseas housing allowance) to make sure we have enough rent money in a week while I walked Mahesh back to the gate so he could get on with his day. I have to remind him to take the vacuum cleaner and microwave and he will give me the keys, security card, and maintenance guys number before we move in. Our first month’s rent will be via check and then Mahesh can give us the deposit slip to set up direct deposit. Him and Diane (realtor) will split the first check anyway.

Caleb said it took so long because there was a misunderstanding. The guy said he had to log into his computer when he had the form right there, but he got a copy and we walked to the NEX for a six pound bag of dog food that costs $18. It will be nice next week when we move in and can buy in bulk. Then we got veggie supreme bagels for lunch and found a table by Taco Bell since the lounge is closed for renovation.

I took Caleb back to work and as he got out of the car I recognised Aaron Tejada from the Gladiator crew from Christie’s house the other night. I asked if he needed a ride and dropped him off at the roundabout before going home. I called about HHG (household goods) and they should be here August 3rd. We move in August 1st so that leaves me with two nights on the couch cuddling with blankets. I told Caleb I had a towel, but remember there is no shower curtain; perhaps a splash bath then. 

I grabbed our inventory and a copy of the blueprints and tried to figure out where all our stuff will go – mostly so I can tell the movers what goes upstairs and downstairs. They can do all the heavy lifting and Caleb can adjust as necessary, but for that reason I believe the toolbox and treadmill (also for noise) will stay downstairs. I just thought… for the first time, we could each have our own bathroom, not just a separate poo room for Caleb.

After that, I was going to blog, but got distracted. I thought I might read, but attempted to blog again and ended up reading for a bit. I’m getting hungry and it’s close to concert time. Caleb is going to get changed out of uniform which means I should be leaving. I pick him up and we head to the dry-side of base. Before the show started at 6:15 we went to the NEX to buy a transformer so Caleb can charge his phone and ran into the CO (commanding officer) on the way out the door. His face reminds me of his son’s. We listen to the same song live that I heard on YouTube. 

*I can’t find pictures and have no idea what concert we went to.

We drove to Al Safir and ate iftar at Yalla Yalla. I had a dark red drink — a British cherry soft drink – Vimto that reminded me of flat Dr. Pepper. It was BD 20.210 for the meal, including the large bottle of water. We were gifted with a box of sesame balls. We walk around two blocks to help settle the food and then walk the dogs when we get home at 8pm. Caleb was invited to a house-warming party earlier, but hadn’t gotten the address. Douglas calls, then OG to find out where we are. They finally send the address and we leave the house at 9:30 not expecting to stay long.

Cannard-Kelly aka Kinder Joy was already upstairs, passed out. It was just the four of us as the other roommate, Hallman, was on duty. We drove down all three streets with the same number and then reversed to park in front of their compound gate. The place is beautiful and the cheaper the location, the nicer the furnishings. I made myself at home, went to the fridge, grabbed a Dos Equis and then got a tour and went with Caleb to the roof where I climbed a ladder to see what was at the very top.

Downstairs we got a game of beer pong going and we started out well but finished last. Then came shots. I had chocolate cream, OG got whatever Caleb mixed him, and Douglas had Hennessy. I was the one to decide we should get in the pool. I took my over-shirt off, borrowed a pair of Douglas’ shorts, and we all get in – well I didn’t get my head wet. The water was cold compared to our surroundings, but felt nice. 

Caleb figured it was time to go. I grabbed two slices of chicken BBQ pizza, and we gave OG a ride to his room a few blocks away. I didn’t realize it had gotten so late. We got carried away in conversation and had stayed out until 2:30. We had been offered a room, but made it back to ours at 3am. So much for that curfew thing again.

Last Night is Wearing Off

Got home, found parking in front of the room, and let the dogs out, sans leash, to pee. Then came back inside, tossed my wet clothes about, and passed out. I would wake up hearing Caleb move around as he walked the dogs and took a shower. He came back to bed for the next two hours until I was ready to get up before noon, shower and have chips and cheese for lunch. Today would’ve been perfect for a Friday brunch, but after a night at the buffet… maybe not.

I paint my nails and watch TV while we wait for them to dry. We go to the NEX around 2pm and buy a 12pk of Budweiser, a 24pk of Dos Equis Amber, 2 bags of Doritos, 2 cans of jalapeño cheddar dip, 2 cans of biscuits, 2 boxes of pasta salad, and a large watermelon from Lulu’s ($70) and take two guys back to the house after stopping to get BD 2 of gas. We park in the garage and carry everything inside. Douglas already has the ribs in the oven waiting for lighter fluid for the charcoal on the grill. I stock the fridge, then Caleb and I play two games of pool while the other four guys get to cooking all the other food — ribs, chicken, sausages, collard greens, chili, and mac-n-cheese.

It was dark before we ate and we talked around the table before slowly migrating outside so people could smoke. I stood the humidity because the door was open and I caught the draft when the A/C came on. Two girls showed up to help eat all the food and we left at 9pm. We’ll be back in the morning to pick up Douglas for duty with Caleb tomorrow. Then we can come back Sunday and help eat any surviving leftovers.

Checking Out Yet?

Up at 5:15 and jolted out of bed by my alarm. I lay back down for 15 minutes to realign my equilibrium before getting in the car. We arrive in front of Douglas’ at 5:50 and Caleb calls to tell him to bring his water bottle with him – the one he forgot in the fridge last night. I drop them off and then nap from 8 to 11:30 when I get a call from the front desk. Today marks our 45th day (when most military people should be checking out), but I tell her we won’t be doing that until 11am on the 1st which will put us at 50 days in the most expensive hotel we’ve ever stayed at.

I found out last night that two of the guys extended out here because they found a sweet place to live, they’re making tons of money, and they didn’t want to leave Caleb all alone with a totally new crew in a year… that’s cute.

I read about anorexia diets and watched girls aged 11-14 post videos about whether they are pretty or not on YouTube. There is so much out there (in the Internet) that I’m glad wasn’t around when I was in high school. I don’t think many people had it bad, but kids these days just make it worse on themselves – and keep the proof.

I got into an hour or two of choosing washi tape. I wanted cool designs, but a decent length at a good price; then there are delivery fees. I checked on Amazon and Caleb had picked the wrong seller for the shoes he wanted because they wouldn’t ship to Bahrain, so he got online at work, picked out a pair, found a cheaper pair of socks, and ordered stuff. I like having something to look forward to in the mailbox; I should get a pen-pal.

I decide to blog and then Caleb distracts me online for an hour. I took the dogs out four times today, saw Carole, and paid another ten days on the room.

Can’t Help Myself

The alarm wasn’t as aggressive this morning and I slept until 6:45. There was only one other guy in the breakfast room shuffling papers about and when he left, the man tending to his needs had nothing to do but stare at me while I ate and he offered me a mango-strawberry juice milk. I thanked him, grabbed an apple and an egg, and left.

Picked up Caleb at 2:42 and went back to PSD to submit advanced OHA. We talked to Carole and Jason in the parking lot for 30 minutes and then went to Lulu’s for mini-pizza, fried bananas, juice, and cheese. 

I bought a ridiculous amount of washi tape!

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