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A Rental Ride Around Bahrain

Post written by Caleb. Jess told me about two world heritage sites that she found in Bahrain and I wanted to go see them. Working late and having to go in on my days off had prevented me from going … Continue reading

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A Look into Long Distance Communication

I told Caleb when he left to please think of me and my blog. Any photos from prior deployments were on my old laptop that got stolen. This would be a new opportunity to save the memories and share them … Continue reading

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A Weekend’s Notice

I constantly email Caleb about my day – surprisingly about everything except what I’m wearing. He emails me when work and internet connection will allow. One such email was telling me the whereabouts of him and his roommates. One of … Continue reading

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Ways to Not miss Caleb

1. Do not think about him – really how hard can that be? 2. Lie to myself – what husband? Who is Caleb? 3. Create a false husband – one that licks his own balls, but does cuddle when he … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior

  Less than 80 hours has passed since I last saw my husband. Right now it feels like a really long duty day, a day where he was called in early to fix something and even after spending the night with … Continue reading

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