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Caleb and Books

Caleb doesn’t get much time off with his current schedule but he enjoys baking cinnamon rolls and Irish soda bread, cooking pasta and veggies, playing his daily sudoku, and finding weird cartoons to intersperse with our latest documentary series when … Continue reading

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Over Use Often Under

Q&A: What expression do you overuse? Aww, in different tones and lengths. I woke up early, after dreaming about cars and school (where I spend a majority of my time), and sat on the couch to read about reading. I … Continue reading

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Today Was…

Q&A a Day: Today was tough because… it wasn’t. I put two tennis shoes on this morning (12 weeks + 1 day since I broke my big toe). I enjoyed some time in the sauna, waited for my stationary bike buddy … Continue reading

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The Day the Ferry Didn’t Come

This morning was our most relaxed. With a cloudy sunrise I was in no rush to greet the day. We are on an island with two couples, two rangers (that we’ve seen) and other volunteers and contractors – living the life. … Continue reading

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A Weekend’s Notice

I constantly email Caleb about my day – surprisingly about everything except what I’m wearing. He emails me when work and internet connection will allow. One such email was telling me the whereabouts of him and his roommates. One of … Continue reading

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