A Look into Long Distance Communication

view from the airplane – by Caleb

I told Caleb when he left to please think of me and my blog. Any photos from prior deployments were on my old laptop that got stolen. This would be a new opportunity to save the memories and share them with others that have no idea what deployments are about. Note: this is not a regular deployment; meaning that he is not strictly on a boat the whole time – being so restricts the amount of time that he is able to be on the computer and internet. Not just for safety reasons, but because of connection issues.

I’ve gotten lucky so far that he took my netbook with him that has a built-in camera and he was able to show me his new temporary home through a terrible internet connection. I look forward to the hour-long conversations we have when he can find time from work. Phone conversations are great too. I love being able to hear his voice from so far away, but was looking forward to him seeing me too. My dad sent me a webcam and the internet connection was so terrible that it couldn’t support video, our voices were cutting out, and we ended up messaging each other – there will be a next time.

Caleb has done well in not forgetting about my blog. He has sent some pictures of his flight over and of his new bed on board and his room on land. These pictures make me happy and I look forward to getting more. Caleb says this deployment is hard because he’s not on a 6 and 6 schedule (working six hours and then having six off) constantly. This helps keep him busy, tired, and his mind away from missing me as much. Going to a hotel room and sleeping in an ’empty’ bed feels like going home every night without a wife.

My opinion differs in that I’m excited that we can communicate so often. That has not been the case in the past, but luckily I had an ex-navy boss that was able to understand and would allow me 45 minute conversations (on the clock) while I was supposed to be working. I thank him for those moments, but I know he appreciated the work I did and that I would have quit if not given the opportunity to talk to Caleb when he found the odd chance to call. Weird that I never thought of the time difference with him on a ship, but it makes a difference now knowing that when I’m waking up he’s getting home from work.

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