A Weekend’s Notice

a souq – photo by Ian and Wendy Sewell

I constantly email Caleb about my day – surprisingly about everything except what I’m wearing. He emails me when work and internet connection will allow. One such email was telling me the whereabouts of him and his roommates. One of them had gone to the souke which Google defines as: to suck. In another email Caleb fixed his misspelling and a souq is an open-air marketplace found commonly in Arab countries.

The other night I was in the kitchen shelling pistachios and thought I heard the phone ring. After the second time I grabbed the phone and turned on the radio to hear, “Imagine me and you, I do; I think about you day and night…” And that’s exactly what I was doing. These nuts would go in my oatmeal to give me a filling breakfast to give me the energy needed to pack up our house and move; move our stuff into storage and me into the car – I was planning on making myself homeless.

I spent the weekend packing in hopes that not seeing all our stuff, and smelling it, would make me miss Caleb less. I had shopped around for a storage unit, found a U-haul nearby, and was in the middle of writing my leasing company when my dad called to talk some sense into me. It took two hours, but the effect will last the deployment. Now instead of wandering the streets, smelly and full of new foods, I can plan a camping trip and take a mini-vacation in the middle of the week.

Well, now that I was going to stay home I had some time to read. I began the story of Sense and Sensibility, two sisters in the country looking for love or money or both. I prefer to read about science, history, technology, etc., but if I do branch from my normal reading I choose the classics for the educated writing that has caught the attention of generations and improved their vocabulary and speech. I suppose books can be like music – just because you don’t like a certain style (twitter books) doesn’t unmake them what they are, but it will show in my writing (which I’m trying to improve, not break down).

image by Carroll Zahn

I’ve also been reading a blog, JohnWise.com, and immersing myself as deep into Alaska as my computer monitor will allow. My dad has been busy narrowing down his selection of the amazing (photos) to share with his readers. I enjoy reading about larger-than-life mountains; and staring at the bright, little wildflowers that soak up the sun for 22 hours a day while the sun can be found before the snow and darkness blanket its home once again for the eight month winter season.

a peek into Alaska

As the weekend came to a close, I took a bath in oatmeal and raspberry – more like a breakfast than a cleaning method, but it was relaxing; that is, until I looked at the soap scum on the tile walls and glass doors. Then I began to think about how dirty the house might be. I sweep up the dog hairs and sand, but the cobwebs (popular to southern California) remain hidden. So even though I will be staying put in this new-to-us-temporary house I will be doing some major cleaning.

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5 Responses to A Weekend’s Notice

  1. It’s the fact that I’m a non-turkey eater and it’s a turkey-eating holiday. No sense in hanging out with me during a meaty meal since you converted your wife back to the dark side. Have fun on your trip!


  2. John Wise says:

    I would also like to come for Thanksgiving dinner, except Caroline and I conveniently plan travels during all major holidays to avoid the family drama’s that always seem to occur. I’ll bet that without our presence those drama’s are probably kept at bay, so win-win, we do not participate in the drama, nor do we create it. Truth be told, I should leave Caroline out of the equation and accept responsibility. Don’t expect a second admission of fault from me, for everything else, I’m perfect.


  3. Karen says:

    Jess, do you want to join us in Tempe for Thanksgiving dinner?
    Grandma K


  4. Caleb says:

    So glad I finally found a way to comment on here. Love the pics, and glad that you are finding a hobby that will keep you busy enough to not miss me too bad. Wish I could do the same.


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