The Sound of…


Q&A a Day: What are you obsessively listening to? The Sound of Silence and The Sound of Music; both answers and titles. I listen to the gym radio in the morning (unless I bring my headphones, which is rare), Duolingo (a language-learning app) while I’m walking dogs and their feet click on the sidewalk, country or classical music in the car, loud high schoolers while waiting for class (because they borrow our campus gym), a professor’s spiel for at least an hour, and elementary kids for at least two hours.

The evening routine changes on whether I go to the gym on the way home, if the neighbors are out to talk to, whether we’re making dinner or eating leftovers, how Caleb’s day went, if I get any video clips or phone calls, the typing of keys nightly to post, the turning of pages as I start a new book Artificial Minds, water from the shower and doing dishes, doggy guts digesting food as they dream loudly, and cars whizzing by outside as I finish crunching on dessert.

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2 Responses to The Sound of…

  1. But it’s so fresh and delicious. I want more of the fava bean leaves too!

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  2. JWise says:

    Lettuce is not dessert.

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